Hi, I am

Michael Holm

Developer and DevOps


I'm a freelance full-stack developer who has built a couple of startups and a lot of projects.

If you are having an outdated codebase that needs maintenance, implement the MVC model or just having daily maintenance of your code, I might be able to help. I am a developer and have many years of experience with both PHP and Node.js. Besides that, I'm no stranger to DevOps and System Administration on a Linux platform.

Not to forget! I a passion for automated tests and strict coding, and I put an honor in my code can scale and is performing good, check Google Pagespeed if you do not believe me :).

Find me

My current location is in Switzerland where I have my office. Feel free to check out my GitHub or LinkedIn profile for further information, or just send me an email for any inquiries.

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My skill set includes

During my time as developer and system administration I have worked with a lot of different technologies.
Here is a list of the most recent I have been working with.


I am active in PHP projects and Node.js projects.

I have made projects with Symfony, Laravel, and YII.

No stranger to HTML components as AdminLTE or bootstrap.

Platform and ecosystems

I am experienced with Linux hosting, that will be anything which includes either Apache, Nginx or Varnish.

Experience with performance optimizing in a mix of MySQL, Redis, and Memcached.

I am working with both Docker and Vagrant.

I am an enthusiast of cloud computing and have experience with building a cloud from scratch, Google Cloud and Amazon AWS as well as Digital Ocean.

My experience

I have a passion to help out!

I have helpt a lot of startups who are facing growth problems when they start getting the success they tend to lack routines- There is just a lot of chaos because they are doing the right thing, selling!

I love to join such startups and find the right software for them to face their individual problems, many times a solid CRM system will be a great start.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to reach out to me and we can work on a solution. I have been working on many different projects, you might face similar problems, here is some to mention.

Booking system

Booking system for an employment agency. They needed a system to improve their daily routines and a better platform to make sure they got their money.

Travel agency

A travel agency. A flight planner that will be looking for flight plans that fit you in the future could be you have friends in 5 different countries, and the planner could find the most efficient place you could meet up.

Mailing Cluster

A mailing cluster in which you can connect thousands of mailer agents to improve your mail delivery. It keeps track of your domains, open and click rates as well as revenue.


A little in the same direction as the booking system, but with more focus on the employees they can track their usage by the customers, so the company can generate a final invoice to the customer, and the employees can report in their hourly usage.


This is a crawler I use for my own projects, it is crawling prices from different webshops to make price comparing sites, but can be extended to news or the stock market as well.

Recurring payments

Built a system that has a database of products, that can be sold in any way. This system is integrated to many different payment providers and connected to a warehouse to ease the shipping process.