Michael Holm

DevOps / Developer


Michael has extensive experience as an administrator, developer and architect. His experience has been built up over a number of years, where he has played a central role in building both large and small solutions.

At DONG Energy (Ørsted, DK) he has been a key role in rewriting the companies billing engine from a SAP solution to be entirely open source and non licensed software.

He has built and setup the CI platform, the cloud compute setup and been a big part in the development and architecture of the entire code base.

In addition, Michael has been involved in architecture design and choice of virtualization environments, including puppet environment, database environment, web technologies. and monitoring services.

Further, Michael is often playing a central role in projects where it is naturally to have good communication with team members to make sure we will make our deadlines.

Employment History

Aalborg, Denmark
June 2010 -

Building a Memberships and appointment platform

  • The system os a SaaS for clinics, sports clubs, gyms and more
  • The project is written in PHP, Symfony
  • The software can be integrated into customers websites, so they can get more calendar appointments
  • The calendar is integrated into Google Calendar
  • Customers can setup multiple locations
  • Customers can have multiple facilities
  • The software comes with a fully integrated POS solution

Building and maintain a big server farm for 400+ servers

  • A big part of the server farm is built on nodejs implementation
  • Main server is built on Apache webserver
  • The database is MySQL and Redis mainly
  • Project is built on NodeJS and PHP

Building and maintain a large mailing platform

  • The server farm is requesting everything through Redis
  • Master database is MySQL
  • The mail server is based on Apache
  • SmtpServers is built custom to the project

Building and maintain a large eCommerce platform

  • Crawler network is built on a PHP project sending server back to master for being processed
  • The master node is based on Apache

Building and maintain a flight scanner platform

  • Project is built on Apache webserver
  • Flight scanner is requesting data through Rest API
  • Database is MySQL
  • Cache layer in Redis and Memcached

Debug and fix lots of different projects

Fullstack Developer at Dong Energy
Copenhagen, Denmark
June 2017 - June 2018

Developer and DevOps

  • Convert an existing billing engine from SAP to Open Source tools
  • Software architect for the codebase
  • Cloud platform, AWS
  • Large data processing for utility usage for danish consumers
  • DevOps
    • Setting up CI
    • Writing automated tests for the codebase
    • Setup server environment

System Administrator at CEGO
Aalborg, Denmark
Februrary 2010 - Janurary 2013

  • System Administrator
  • Maintain server park of 150 servers
  • Servers running Linux (CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu)
  • Create lots of tools for server automation
  • Programming in PHP, Perl, Shell scripts
  • Programming on, spilnu.dk, komogvind.dk etc.
  • Work with Varnish, Puppet and much more.

DevOps at 2Fast
Aalborg, Denmark
June 2007 - February 2010

  • System Administrator and Partner
  • Maintain server park and datacenter
  • Create lots of tools for automation processes
  • Maintain fitness system ClubLead
    • Maintain Oracle database
    • Maintain multiple Tomcat application servers

Developer at Mitea
Aalborg, Denmark
June 2006 - Juni 2007

  • System Administrator and Partner
  • Create a mail scanning gateway for spam detection
  • Create a tool for checkin/checkout registration in production companies


References available upon request


Rohrliberg, Cham, 6330
0045 60227774



Driving License


Date / Place of birth

Denmark, Aalborg


Symfony Framework
Laravel Framework
Automated Testing
MySQL, Redis
Linux (Debian, CentOS)
Cloud Computing
Database Design


I am very active, love to be in the mountains summer and winter. I’m playing squash, badminton and, tennis in tournaments. Furthermore, i love to travel and experience different cultures.

Big interest for cryptocurrencies and the technology, and when I have time active developer in the open source community.